Monday, January 6, 2014

Early to Rise - by Andy Traub

Early To Rise: Learn To Rise Early in 30 DaysEarly To Rise: Learn To Rise Early in 30 Days by Andy Traub
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I read this a few months ago so I might be a little rusty on details so here are the two things that stuck with me. First, I recall that it could have used a touch more editing. By way of context, I work in publishing, have an English degree and have taken part in more than one snooty conversation about what books are worth bothering to read. But I've begun to realize that as long as people are actually reading and getting value out of what they are reading, a particular book's place in the canon of great literature doesn't matter much. So while I struggled a bit with some of the things that may have been tightened up had it seen further editing, the value of the content wasn't diminished for me.

Second, it changed my habits. I now get up an hour and a half to two hours earlier than I used to and I get all sorts of good things done that I wouldn't have otherwise. So it absolutely achieved what it set out to do - it helped me develop the pattern of rising early to make better use of my time.

It was any easy read and it is laid out such that you can read the whole thing cover to cover in a few sittings (possibly one) or you can do as I did; you can read one entry each morning when you get up early and reflect on the day's reading thereby helping you to create the habit.

A worthwhile read.

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